Miss Dual N Bullet

By Mister Dual Pep out of Smart N Bulletproof (Smart Lil Ricochet)

AQHA Sorrel ee Aa 5 Panel Neg 14.0 hands

"Piper" has a personality larger than life! If she was a human, she would be the life of the party. She gets along with everyone in the herd, but isn't afraid to make sure she is the first one to the gate to meet you for a treat and some scratches! She is quick as a cat and and is a perfect example of all of the incredible qualities of her ancestors.

Piper is a daughter of the legendary sire Mister Dual Pep. The Mister Dual Pep's are incredibly strong on a cow, with big stops and good minds. Mister Dual Pep is a full brother to Dual Pep. Both horses are multi-million dollar producers. With this incredible horse as her father, we are confident in her abilities to produce outstanding foals!

Her dams side is equally as strong with Smart Lil Ricochet, one of Smart Little Lena's best sons, as the sire of her mother. A throw back to Dual Pep to round out the bottom side of her strong pedigree.

We are so blessed to have this powerhouse mare in our pasture and can't wait to see what she produces!