Boons Hollywoodwhite

By Hollywood White out of Boons Booger Smooch (Boon Bar)

AQHA Smokey Grulla Ee aa CR/N D/nd1 6 Panel N/N 14.2 hands

"Jellybean" is a unique, gorgeous mare with a babydoll head and a balanced build. She was born and raised at a good friend's place in North Dakota. Unfortunately, due to our friend's busy schedule, she was never broke to ride. However, she is athletic and smart. She has a lovely way of moving where she drives deep with her hocks and has a lot of expression in her face. She travels level and collected with a beautiful arch to her neck that she passes onto her foals. One of her best traits she has passed to every foal is their friendly and kind demeanor. Always the first to meet you at the gate, but when you saddle them up, you can be confident you are mounted well for the day.

Her bloodlines speak for themselves. Her sire was a 3x World Champion Reining horse. He earned over $54,000 during his career and his offspring have won in excess of $65,000 in many events such as reining and roping. In 1996 he was the NRHA Limited Non Pro Reserve World champion, the following year he came back to win the NRHA World Championship in the Open and Limited Non Pro. This shows not only was he talented, he had a great mind and could be shown by professionals and non-professionals, something few horses can do!

We see his great demeanor in "Jellybean". She not only has a talented sire, but her dam is a daughter of one of the greatest cutting sires to ever walk into a herd of cattle. Boon Bar was a National Cutting Horse Association Finalist and sired offspring who won more than $3 million. He is known in particular for siring great mares such as Royal Blue Boon the NCHA'S leading mare.

"Jellybean" is the perfect cross of reining and cutting. Her and her offspring will possess cow sense and a big stop!

She's expecting!

Grulla mare and her matching foal walking in a green pasture

Boons Hollywoodwhite By Hollywood White

The Magic Cross

Jellybean and Holidoc will either produce a Black, Grulla, Smokey Grulla, Dunskin, Buckskin, Bay, Bay Dun, Red Dun or Sorrel. There is a strong possibility for a Homozygous Dun and/or Homozygous Black! We can't wait to see this cross come together.

Bay Dun Stallion in green grass

Holidoc LTE $124,000 by Doc Quixote out of Lees Holly 5 panel neg


Bill Freeman rode him to many of his championships and earnings in NCHA aged events. Holidoc has NCHA earnings in excess of $124,294 , not including weekend and non-NCHA sanctioned shows. His offspring have earned close to $1 million in earnings, and his grand-get, both maternal and paternal are Multi-million dollar earners/producers. He is considered a "Black-type" Stallion.  In addition  to producing  some really nice foals, he was said to be a joy to be around. He aged gracefully. His  attributes of  athleticism, cow smarts, toughness, and  grace; his large frame and big  bone, along with his sweet personality,  are evident traits today  being passed on to his offspring.

Photo and Credit to Wild Dreamz Quarter Horses.

Past foals